School History

The Patrician Primary School was founded back in 1914 and at the time was known as St. Conleth’s Boys National School.

The first registered pupil on the school’s earliest roll book was one Andrew Garland, aged 15 years and 3 months, and its first three teachers were James Brennan, Eveleen Johnson & the school’s first principal, William Cummins (who later became a senator).

In 1939, the Patrician Brothers arrived in Newbridge and took over the running of the school, just at the very start of the Second World War.

The school was changed to an all-boys infant school until it reverted back to a mixed-school in 1989, where the principal was Brother Michael Broderick.
Patrician Primary Before Renovation

The Patrician Brothers themselves were founded in 1808 by Bishop Daniel Delaney and they currently have schools in other countries, such as Australia, India and Africa.
Daniel Delaney Patrician Order Founder
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